Monday, March 20, 2006

Weekender quotes

Quotes from the Weekender Conference I attended this past weekend (which I would heartily recommend to all pastors and lay leaders... if you're interested, I would be glad to tell you more):

"Don't try to reform anything you don't love." - Matt Schmucker quoting Al Mohler on the danger of unloving pastors.

"How we live matters... more specifically, we are claiming that it is dangerous for the Christian to attempt to live outside the church and it is positively encouraging and good to live inside the church, to grow up in Christ within the family of God just like children grow up in a family." - Matt during the membership classes for prospective members

"A lot of people accuse us of not being humble. Let me tell you our understanding of humility. Humility is going to the Word of God and doing all you can to understand what it teaches. And once you understand it, you hold on to it and obey it and preach it with boldness regardless of whatever opposition you face. That's being humble." - Matt

"Seminaries make academics. Churches make pastors." - Michael Lawrence on the need for churches to train pastors

"All the worldly divisions in our congregation are an opportunity to preach the Gospel in our cooperation."
"If you ever doubt the limits of God's love, look in the mirror and realize that if God loved you, a sinner, then his love must be limitless." - Mark Dever in the sermon on Sunday

"There's no such thing as a closed country. You can preach anywhere you want. There's just no guarantee that you'll preach a second time." - Mark during the session on sermon preparation


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