Saturday, August 05, 2006

Reading list for my CHBC internship this fall

If you are looking for some reading to help you grow in your understanding of the local church or of reformed worship or of pastoral ministry, there are several good places to start in this list.

- When People are Big and God is Small by Ed Welch
- Princes, Pastors and People by Doran & Durston
- Theology of the Reformers by Timothy George
- Biblical Separation by Bob Jones University (article)
- Shall the Fundamentalists Win? by Harry E. Fosdick (sermon)
- Christianity and Race Prejudice by Francis J. Grimke (sermon)
- A Display of God's Glory by Mark Dever (booklet)
- 9 Marks of a Healthy Church by Dever (booklet)
- Reformation of the Church by John Murray
- Christian Ministry by Charles Bridges
- The Bruised Reed by Richard Sibbes
- Polity by Dever
- Nine Marks of a Healthy Church by Dever
- The Worship of the American Puritans by Horton Davies
- Deliberate Church by Dever
- Worship by the Book by DA Carson & others
- Give Praise to God by Ligon Duncan & others
- Engaging with God by David Peterson
- 9Marks Worship Interview w/ Bob Kauflin and Lig Duncan
- Growing Health Asian American Churches by Cha, Kang and Lee
- Transformation: How Glocal Churches Transform Lives and the World by Bob Roberts Jr.
- Evangelicalism Divided: A Record of Crucial Change in the Years 1950 to 2000 by Iain Murray
- Becoming Conversant with the Emerging Church: Understanding a Movement and Its Implications by DA Carson


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